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Devadasi: Why I want to give you sexual pleasure as an act of faith and why male sexual pleasure is so important to my religious faith

Sexual behaviour forms a part of my religious worship as a Devadasi, and I regard your sexual pleasure as being an expression of my religious faith. My prayer is to share sexual ecstasy with you and through this to celebrate life. I believe that sex with men is divine and draws me closer to the presence of the Lords Krishna and Shiva. This is achieved in part by you penetrating me with your phallus, this sexual act is very important to me. However my religious faith is a strictly private matter and will not intrude on our time together. I want to have sex with you not to convert you.

Devadasis : A Devadasi is someone who is married to the Gods and therefore cannot belong to any one particular husband. In their eyes, every man is an incarnation of their divine husband. During the marriage ceremony to the Gods, a Devadais might pick up a handful of sand or mustard seed and pray that their lovers be as numerous as the grains in their hands. The man who makes love to a Devadasi becomes divineas the couple enact the sacred marriage of god and goddess.The Devadasi system is therefore a means by which the Devadasi might increase the well-being of the world by increasing the spiritual strength of men through sex that leads to ecstasy.

The Devadasi are usually despised by modern Indian society and attempts are made to deny their ancient sacred sexual practices and to suggest they were only temple dancers and servants who have been reduced to prostitution by colonial laws. However the Devadasi understand that sexual intercourse is an traditional spiritual practice and a means for restoring balance to the psyche, harmonizing the disturbed soul, and healing the sick.


My tribute to Krishna, Lakshmi, Shiva & Parvati

I also acknowledge and worship these faithful deities who have protected me, and my family for many generations. May the Lord Krishna accept my worship and give me success in my work and studies. May the Lady Lakshmi bless my sexuality and ensure that I am always pure and passionate. May the Lord Shiva and Lady Parvati avenge me should anyone seek to harm me.

A prayer to the Lord Krishna

O Lord, protector of cattle, sea of compassion, consort of Mahalakshmi, the daughter of the ocean of milk, slayer of Kamsa, bestower of endless mercy upon the elephant chief in his distress, Maadhava known through contemplation, younger brother of Balarama, Lord of the three worlds, lotus eyed one, protector of the gopis, protect me, for I know not anyone but you. I offer my salutations to Gopalakrishna, the Supreme Being. I offer an invocation to you. Whatever sins I have committed in all my lives may all of them be absolved as I circumambulate in thy worship.

Om jayajagadeesha -  hare

You alone are our mother and father, You alone are our sibling and friend ,You alone are our knowledge and prosperity, You alone are everything to us, My Lord my Lord.