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These are some of the frequently asked questions that I am asked

Where do you come from? I come from a Hindu family that is split
between West Bengal in India and Bangladesh. We move between India
and Bangladesh depending on work and the political situation. In
Bangladesh there has often been persecution of the Hindu minority, and
there is often political tension between India and Bangladesh on a number
of issues. Many families live between both places, often having documents
that show that they are both Indian and Bangladeshi citizens, even though
the Governments will often contest who is really a citizen of which country.

If you are Devadasi why aren't you in a Temple somewhere in India?
For many years it has been illegal to leave girls in the temple because of
the many problems that have become associated with the poverty and
exploitation of many Devadasi. I have been fortunate enough to receive a
good education and as such I have opportunities that are often denied to
other young women of my background.

Do you write all your own messages on the various Internet
message boards?
I write all the messages myself often using an Indian
dialect which can appear a bit old fashioned. Sometimes I am helped by a
classmate to write more grammatically correct messages, but the ideas
and thoughts are my own. I always read and answer my own Emails.

Are you being pimped? I come and go as I please, I work when and how
I want, doing what I am comfortable about doing. I employ an English girl
as a receptionist and an occasionally an English man as a driver. These
people work for me. I pay my money into my own bank account from where
I can send money home to help my family or use however I want. I get help
with my website and business plan from my classmates who help me
without charge. I am not being pimped, being foreign and young does not
mean I am in the clutches of organised crime. I come and go as I please
and I am often in Kingston shopping or going to the cinema, which is a
favorite pastimes of Indians.

Why are you doing this? I really believe that by sharing myself with men
I can increase their self-esteem and also expand their ability to deal with
life's many spiritual trials and challenges. I am also able to use the money I
earn to secure the financial situation of my family. I intend to build my
mother a house and a shop, and to pay for the education of my siblings. I
do not think of myself of a victim of men or circumstances but someone
who had a certain set of possibilities and who has intentionally decided to
follow this particular course.