My Services

I can supply all the usual in-call and out-call services so please let
me know in your contact message what you would like.

I can also supply submissive services to dominant men at my
in-call apartment. I also enjoy role play and will act out almost any
fantasy role that you might require.

My fees always include a complete Girl-friend experience.
Ensuring that you enjoy a girl-friend experience means that you
should expect to treat me like a real girl friend. I am affectionate
and kind and I am very willing to take the time necessary to
ensure that you have a special time with me, so please treat me
with kindness and respect.

I enjoy sex and I want you to enjoy your time with me so always
feel free to discuss your desires and interests with me.
I take particular pleasure in being penetrated by men, but I am
also well skilled in a wide variety of erotic practices that are
intended to help you heighten your sexual ecstasy.

My goal is for you to feel divine and to experience my total
commitment to your pleasure.

I take particular pleasure in helping men who are unable to find
satisfaction with their regular partner or find it difficult to find a
really responsive woman able to achieve ecstasy with them.
My services are about your pleasure.

I have very soft and sensitive skin, so I would be grateful if any guest who needs it, would be willing to have a shave. I can supply a fresh razor and shaving gel. Any guest who has a full beard or moustache is very welcome. I am only concerned about rough abrasive stubble that can hurt my soft skin.

If you a well-endowed man please read my special request.